Ode To Caye Caulker

A narrow strip of ancient sand

Close to a legendary Ė Mayan land

The trade wind sweeps this pleasant isle,

The islandís motto makes you smile.

ďGo SlowĒ it says when you disembark,

The pace of play from dawn to dark.

The blue sea beckons inside the reef,

Full of natureís bounty, beyond belief.

With fins and snorkel it does amaze,

As you swim and dive with sharks and rays.

Whether, sailing, snorkeling or tying hooks,

Wining, dining or reading books.

Caye Caulker waits with quiet allure,

It gets in your blood, thatís for sure.

From friendly natives with quiet smiles,

Wish willies, iguanas, even crocodiles.

The days drift by it seems such a sin,

To sit drinking one Barrel and Belikin.

As the world speeds by at a frantic pace,

I sit here contented, with a smile on my face.

The palm trees rustle, with a seaside sound,

Iím enjoying my time in paradise found.

When I leave and walk the plank,

After visiting shops, and then the bank,

Iím sure Iíll stop and count the cost,

As I leave this place Ė Paradise Lost.


Written by Michael E. Maddison

©2004 Seaside Cabanas